A Note from Pastor Jeff

Dear Longleaf Family,
I was extremely sore, but I didn’t care. A few weeks ago, in the pouring down rain, I played football with a bunch of friends from our gym. On the first pass, I ran down the sideline, extending my arms, pulling in a catch and running all the way in for a touchdown. Exhilarating! Truly, I felt like a kid again! I honestly thought at 45 years old, I would never play a down again. But I did and it felt great! 
There is something about feeling youthful! Taking on the world, experiencing life in new and exciting ways can bring one joy and true elation. It’s the same with a new church! As you read this, we are just shy of four months into this new movement that we know as Longleaf Church. 
This fall is going to bring new life to Longleaf! We are beginning our first new members class on October 9 and it will be an amazing time together. We are anticipating 20-30 people to join us in this class and with a group like that, we will come to know one another in a very special way! Baptisms are scheduled for this fall, including one this coming weekend! 
Community events are being planned for October and December! Bible studies are growing, classes are beginning to form on Sunday and our missional service to the community continues to expand! Don’t you feel like a kid again? Our church is “youthful” and I love it! 
I once heard a former parishioner in one of my Pittsburgh churches pray, “Lord, remind us of the joy of the playground that we felt when we were kids.” 
Longleaf, may you experience the joy of the playground as you come to worship, as you join in a class, as you serve the Lord and as you invite others to Know, Grow and Go in Christ’s love! 
Longleaf Church, it is an honor to serve and lead alongside of you as your “youthful” pastor! 
Be blessed,