Bible Studies

About Our Bible Studies

We embrace the membership vow of Presence, especially in the atmosphere of small groups and classes.  God instilled in us the desire to belong.  Evening classes and Sunday School are ways to feel connected and grow in your faith.  Studying the bible in a small group is an effective way to grow your relationship closer to Christ, while at the same time getting connected with your church family. Please contact Andrea Vrtikapa, Congregational Connector, for more information.

Current Studies

Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted

Tuesdays | 9:00 AM | Mar 28 - May 16.
Join Sandy Maynard as she leads you through this 7-week Bible study, Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted, by Priscilla Shirer. What do we do when God interrupts our lives? Many times, like Jonah, we run! In this 7-session Bible study, Priscilla redefines interruption and shows that interruption is actually God’s invitation to do something beyond our wildest dreams. When Jonah was willing to allow God to interrupt his life, the result was revival in an entire city. There will be workbooks available in the classroom for $12 each.


Wednesdays | 6:30 PM | April 12 - May 17
Join Randy & Renee Bogani as they facilitate the 6-week bible study titled Parenting by Andy & Sandra Stanley. Am I doing this right? This is a question every parent asks themselves at some point, or multiple points, along the way. Andy and Sandra combine their experience and wisdom to help viewers identify and embrace their it – their win as parents. You don’t have to constantly wonder whether you’re getting it right as a parent. Start here and feel confident about raising children who will enjoy being together and with you even when they no longer have to be. Books will be available in the classroom for $18 each.


Wednesdays | 6:30 PM | April 12 - May 17
Join Kim Cooke as she facilitates the 6-week Bible study Elijah by Douglas Connelly through the Life Guide Bible Studies Series. Terrorism. Diseases. Hurricanes. Every day the news reinforces what you want to forget―you live in an insecure world. Elijah’s times were no safer. He faced famine, murder, and corruption―with both courage and fear. In this Bible study on Elijah’s life, Douglas Connelly helps you look beyond the insecurity of the world to our sovereign God who reigns forever. Books will be available in the classroom for $9 each.

The Lord’s Prayer

Thursdays | 10:00 PM |April 13 - May 18
Join Pat Ester as she facilitates the 6-week bible study titled The Lord’s Prayer by Adam Hamilton. This study guides us to really know—and really pray—the Lord’s Prayer. Adam Hamilton explores each of its rich lines and their meaning in the Bible, illuminating what we ask of God and what we ask of ourselves through its words. And he teaches us how to use it as a pattern for our own prayer life. Books will be available in the classroom for $14 each. 10:

True Beauty Book Club

April 13 at 6:00 PM or April 14 at 12:00 PM
This month, the True Beauty Book Club will meet to discuss (after having read) The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd. Register by Monday, April 10 and you will receive an email closer to the meeting date with a location once it has been decided.