Summer Camp Hiring

10th to 12th graders* (16- to 17-year-old) can apply to part time paid positions as Crew Leaders. Ages 18-years and older can apply for both part-time and full-time positions as Crew and Station Leaders. Application process for part time and full-time paid workers will begin March 15.*current grade for 23-24 school yr.

Our Mission

 “Love God and Neighbor, Build Community → No limits”. The vision of summer camp is that every child would have a safe and nurturing space, that families are rooted in a church community and that our staff grows in the likeness of Christ. We are dedicated to following Christ’s example of ministry through faithful discipleship, Christian fellowship, and spiritual worship. If you would like to apply here, it is important for you to know that this program is a ministry of Mandarin/Longleaf United Methodist Church and is not just a job. Please pray carefully and take very seriously your decision to apply to Mandarin/Longleaf Summer Day Camp.

Program Information

The children and youth, you will lead through summer camp, range from kindergarten through seventh grade. The children are divided into groups and led to various camp activities by their Crew Leader. At each activity there will be a station leader in charge of that space except for the game room and peace room.We will be hiring the following:Station Leaders: Outdoor/Indoor Games, Arts & Crafts, Bible, Character Counts and Expressions.Station Leaders will prepare & implement lesson plans for each age group. Weekly themes are in place to help with that preparation. There will also be a station binder available to help in the planning process.Crew Leaders: Grades K-7th.Crew leaders will lead their groups to various stations and support station leaders as needed. In areas without a station leader, crew leaders will be responsible for implementing activities.Program RunnersProgram Runners will help gather supplies, cover bathroom breaks and work with lunch and snacks areas.All staff members will help in additional areas.Additional areas of coverage include Morning Wake Up Praise & Worship, Tech/Audio/Video, Thursday Night Rallies and Daily arrival and pick up times.

Basic Requirements

Employees must be willing to teach Christian principles as approved by the Program Administration of Mandarin/ Longleaf UMC. Employees may need to lead a faith-based curriculum. All employees will display an appropriate attitude for working in a Christian environment and a willingness to minister to the children and fellow staff.

Staff will need to be available for the following dates. Staff Trainings are mandatory, and staff must attend. Please note that time off is available during the camp weeks.

  • May 23                         Staff Welcome
  • May 28 to 30                Staff Training and Prep week
  • June 2                          Church Service and Final Prep
  • June 3 to July 19           Camp weeks
  • July 22 to 25                 Camp Clean-up

***Applicants will be contacted if hired